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8000 Sledge Microtome

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The Bright 8000 retracting base sledge microtome offers the ultimate in versatility combined with strength, accuracy, reliability and, not least, safety.
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OTF7000 cryostat

OTF 6000 Cryostat
Based on the long-established and reliable OTF cryostat range, the new OTF7000 brings Bright cryostats completely up to date.
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2212-021 Starlet Portable

2212-021 Starlet Portable
Not since cryostats were invented has there been such a small, portable yet convenient instrument.
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Whole Monkey Brain Slicing Machine

This is an extremely versatile machine and can be used in sectors such as: medical; histology; research; life science; automotive; forestry and material analysis.
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3000-01 Clini RF

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The Bright Clini-RF is a small, free standing, top opening, and ultra low temperature freezer. Its function is to rapidly freeze tissue specimens ready for cryotomy or for storage.
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5050 Rotary Microtome Wax

5050 Rotary Microtome
The 5050 rotary microtome is lightweight, sleek, and extremely practical in both medical and industrial applications
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