OTF7000 Cryostat

Intended Applications

The OTF7000 Cryostat is suitable for a wide range of applications. When configured correctly, this machine is capable of accurately cutting a diverse range of specimens, including:

  • Soft tissue
  • Undecalcified bone
  • Brain tissue
  • Resins
  • Plastics
  • Plant tissue

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Key Features

OTF6000-Product-Feature-Image-01 microtome

The Microtome

The OTF7000 Cryostat includes a new 5050 interchangeable knife block. This allows the user to quickly and easily change between the solid knife block that accepts many different types of knives including tungsten carbide tipped knives and the QRFBH that accepts Feather™ disposable blades.

The 5050 microtome is available:

  • With or without specimen orientation and can cut sections between 1μm and 60μm thick.
  • With an Easi-Set anti-roll plate which enables the simplest possible set up. This reduces preparation times to an absolute minimum.
OTF6000 Cryostat Control Panel


The OTF7000 cryostat comes with a wide range of features that increase versatility and widen the scope and use of the microtome. These include:

  • Manual control
  • Motorised drive, facilitating powerful, extra slow cutting that’s free from vibration. This allows easy and precise repeatability of sections.
  • Motorised advance/ rewind as standard with two speeds for accurate and rapid alignment of the specimen to the knife.

Full Details

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New streamlined top for added operator comfort and usability.

  • Suitable for research and clinical operation.
  • Switch easy between solid knives or disposable blades using our new interchangeable knife block.
  • Automatic evaporator defrost supplied as standard.
  • Touch screen controls.
  • Long list of options and accessories.
  • Contains the new 5050 rotary microtome.
  • RFID secure access locking window as standard.
  • Built in UV decontamination as standard.
  • Built in foot rest.
  • Waste collection bottle.
  • Heated anti-fog window.
  • Downloadable user log data.

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The new full-colour touchscreen display for the OTF7000 is the central point of control for the unit. Once signed into their account, the user has access to all the electronic controls of the unit such as:

  • The adjustment of temperature settings (Chamber & Specimen)
  • The chamber light
  • Manage and schedule the defrost cycles
  • Decontamination controls
  • Motordrive controls
  • Administrative controls and settings (Administrator accounts only)
  • Access a recent ‘event log’

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  • OTF7000 Cryostat Specification:

  • Powder Coated Welded Steel Chassis

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Colour Touchscreen Display

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Physical Specimen Advance/Rewind Switch

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Manual Handwheel Drive

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Motorised Handwheel Drive

    Low Spec: No / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Emergency Stop

    Low Spec: No / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Built In Footswitch

    Low Spec: No / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Refrigeration

    Low Spec: -35 (Single Compressor) / Hi Spec: -40 (Dual Compressor)

  • Quick Freeze Block

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Anti Fog Window

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Window Lock RFID Access

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Built In Waste Collection Bottle

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Heated Specimen Block

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • UV Decontamination

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Refrigeration Alarm

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Recent User Log Records

    Low Spec: Yes / Hi Spec: Yes

  • Dimensions

    H 1260mm x W765mm x D855mm

  • Packaging Net Weight (Manual)

    146kg Gross

  • Packaging Weight (Manual)


  • Packing Dimensions

    H 1540mm x W900mm x D1060mm

  • Shipping volume


  • -

  • Microtome Specification:

  • Construction

    Rotary rocking design of cast alloys, with detergent and solvent resistant epoxy-polyester finish.

  • Section Thickness Range

    1-60μm in 1μm steps.

  • Specimen Advance

    5600μm (Total).

  • Knife Block Movement

    44mm (Total).

  • Retraction

    Approximately 50μm.

  • Cutting Stroke


  • Specimen Orientation

    None (Fixed Head). ± 8o horizontal and vertical (Orientating Head).

  • Maximum Specimen Size

    70mm x 50mm

  • Knife Holders

    New interchangeable solid and QRFBH knifeblocks can take conventional steel knives; tungsten carbide tipped knives, glass knives and disposable blade holders. Sliding knife carriage with central lock. Alternatively, the quick release feather blade holder is available as an optional feature either in addition to or in place of the standard knife holder block.

  • Motorised Section Cutting

    (Hi Spec Only) With variable speed, variable cutting zone, single or continuous modes, hands off footswitch and emergency stop.

  • Safety Features

    • Counter-balance handwheel with safety lock.

  • • Built in knife guards.

  • • Locking wind w.

  • • Requires RFID tag or password to access the touch screen controls.

  • Dimensions

    H300 x W300 x D500mm Net

  • Weight

    20kg Gross weight / 25kg

  • Weights vary according to specification of instrument

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