OTF7000 Cryostat

A High Quality and Versatile Cryostat

The OTF7000 Cryostat is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Biological research
  • Pathological diagnosis
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Neuroanatomical research
  • Clinical cryo-sectioning needs

The OTF7000 Cryostat is available as the OTF7000/LS or OTF7000/HS.

Both machines include:

  • UV – to handle a large number of specimens and varying specimen types with UVC for increased user safety
  • Individually controlled temperature settings on both the cryochamber and the specimen holder
  • Vacuum cleaning system for optimal safety.

The OTF7000/HS includes all the features of the LS model with the following additions:

  • Motorised sectioning to improve reproducibility
  • Fully automatic operation with vacuum cleaning system.

There are also a wide range of useful accessories to create the ideal operational environment in your laboratory.

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Key Features

Bright Instruments OTF7000 Cryostat


Our cryostat is extremely stable, both in terms of temperature control and sectioning quality.

Expert Temperature Regulation

Temperatures are regulated in the cryochamber between 0 to -35°C via:

  • An intelligent temperature control system
  • A compressor that adopts frequency conversion working mode
  • An optional cooling system that includes an adjustable temperature range of between -10°C and -50°C with low pressure cooling system and semi-conductor refridgeration, faster temperature regulation and low failure rate.

Stable Section Quality

Stable sectioning is maintained by:

  • Precision cross roller guide rails that guarantee section smoothness and accuracy combined with precise screw rods that meet 0.5µm sample injection requirements
  • Five phase, high resolution stepping motor with higher positioning accuracy and lower motor vibration
  • Horizontal sampling slide crafted from aviation aluminium, with ultra-high strength and corrosion resistant material.
Safe and efficient OTF7000 cryostat

Safe and Efficient

The OTF7000 cryostat includes a range of important safety features:

  • High-tech, low-temperature UVC disinfection technology that kills bacteria and viruses at an intensity of above 340 uw/cm², within both the inner surface and the air inside the cabinet.
  • Ergonomic exterior cabinet with a circular arc design. This is available with an optional height-adjustable foot rest.
  • Section waste is easily removed by using the optional section waste removal system which means that no manual cleaning is required.
  • Integrated waste management system that displays waste liquid volume on the touch screen.
  • An alarm to notify the user when the waste management bottle is full.

This expertly engineered machine delivers efficiency with:

  • A visually appealing 7 inch touch-sensitive screen.
  • A joystick that controls coarse sampling, trimming and section switching, as well as section parameter adjustment.
  • Rapid and precise positioning with ±8° visual pointer facilitating adjustment of the specimen clamp to the target angle. This reduces trimming and sample waste.
  • Efficient defrosting with a variety of options.
  • Auto-sectioning option available for ease of use and consistent sectioning of all specimen types.
  • Automatic sleep and wake-up feature that saves energy.
  • Specimen loading via a single lever operation.
  • Specimen marking to easily record and identify each sample.

Full Details

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  • Both OTF7000/LS and OTF7000/HS Cryostats Include:

    Section thickness setting range: 0.50–100 µm

  • Trimming section thickness setting range: 1–800 µm

  • Electric sectioning speed: 0-1800µm adjustable

  • Specimen retraction: 0-250μm adjustable

  • Specimen feed: 28mm

  • Vertical stroke: 70mm

  • Specimen orientation with zero position. Horizontal/vertical rotation: X/Y axis 8°

  • Number of refrigerated sites: 15

  • Number of fast cooling sites: 2

  • Freezer refrigeration temperature: 0℃ to -35℃

  • Sample head minimum cooling temperature: - 50℃

  • Low profile microtome blade featuring PLASMA technology, measuring 0.010" x 3.15" / 254mm x 80mm with 35° angle

  • OTF7000/HS:

    Fully automated and semi-automated mode switch

  • Emergency stop button

  • Cut window function

  • Slice speed selection

  • Multiple sectioning modes

  • Optional pedals

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The following accessories are also available:

  • FS800-F3: Stationary heat extractor
  • FS800-F13: Foot rest
  • S700A-F3: Foot switch
  • FS800-F2: Blade holder assembly
  • FS800-F14: Movable shelf
  • FS800-F21: Storage system
  • FS800: Specimen discs:
    • FS800-F4 Specimen disc φ20
    • FS800-F5 Specimen disc φ30
    • FS800-F6 Specimen disc φ40
    • FS800-F7 Specimen disc φ55

Replacement Microtome Blades (50241)

  • Low profile microtome blade featuring PLASMA technology
  • Dimensions: 0.010″ x 3.15″ / 254mm x 80mm
  • 35° angle
  • 50 pcs


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