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Expert Freezing

The equipment consists of a control unit and a cooling stage, with the cooling stage available in two sizes – 30mm x 30mm or 40mm x 40mm. Primarily designed for use with the Bright 5040 rotary and the Bright 8000 base sledge microtomes, the Solid State Freezer may be used with other rotary and sledge microtomes.

Key Features


Specimen Holder

The Solid State Freezer fits to the microtome in place of the normal specimen holder. It has a water inlet, a water outlet and an electrical connection to the control unit. The control unit permits temperature control but does not measure temperature directly, instead a reading of the current passed to the Peltier device is indicated on the front panel. The control unit also has a built in safety device, which detects low water flow. After sectioning, the specimen is quick and easy to remove.


Full Details

Specification arrow

  • Cooling Power

    21 watts

  • Lowest Temperature


  • Cooling Rate (from switch on)

    Reaches -20°C after approx 55 seconds

  • Control Unit Dimensions

    260 x 145 x 230mm

  • Stage Dimensions (30 x 30mm)

    54 x 54 x 24mm

  • Stage Dimensions (40 x 40mm)

    63 x 63 x 24mm

  • Net Weight


  • Gross Weight


  • Shipping Volume


  • Packing Dimensions

    H580 x D680 x W400mm

Features & Benefits arrow

  • Temperature control to -25°C
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy removal of specimen
  • Low water pressure detector
  • Two stage sizes are available
  • Standard accessories include:
    • Cryo-M-Bed, Cryospray 134, spare set of fuses, operating manual

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