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Please ensure you download and fill out the decontamination certificate

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Fill in the form below and attach your completed decontamination certificate

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Once a Purchase Order is issued, you can send your blade to us

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A completed decontamination certificate and an official purchase order must accompany all knives. Appropriate knife boxes must be used. If a knife is received in an unsuitable container, a box will be supplied and charged to the customer [see prices below].

Customers will be advised if the knife is too badly damaged or worn for economical re-sharpening. Re-sharpened knives are normally dispatched within one week of receipt. Please allow £15.00 for delivery and packing within the UK. Please refer to our factory for postage and packing costs for knives coming in from abroad.

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Once a decontamination certificate has been filled in and a Purchase Order issued, you can send your blade to:

Bright Instrument Co Limited
Burnett House,
Lakeview Court,
Ermine Business Park,
Cambs PE29 6UA