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We’re not just medical…

We don’t just supply the

medical sector

At Bright Instruments, a key part of our Continuous Improvement Programme is collating and actioning customer feedback. As a part of a recent survey, we discovered that customers from industrial backgrounds assumed that our instruments were ‘designed solely for use in the medical industry’.

Actually, a number of our products are in active use across a wide array of industrial environments – not just medical – and in fact, devices such as the 5040 microtome were primarily designed for industrial use! Whether you work with plastics, in forestry, automotive or anything in between, Bright Instruments have an instrument for you. Please see below to find out more!


We’re often asked whether our instruments can be used to section plastics, particularly ‘hard’ ones. In truth, our instruments can easily handle even bone when set up in the correct manner, and so plastics are easily manageable, regardless of their applications. Whether it’s testing elements of a vacuum cleaner, or even a lunchbox to test its anti-stick properties; our instruments are designed to excel in industrial testing environments.

We recommend our 5040 rotary microtome for use with smaller, more routine plastics. This microtome is ideal for research involving plastics, a use for which it was heavily engineered. For much larger, much more rigid plastics, we may suggest the 8000 sledge or sliding microtome. Use the form found at the bottom of this page to enquire!


The automotive industry use our instruments to carry out a number of tests, on a wide range of vehicle types. Whether it be analysis of the paint on vehicle bumpers, or detailed analysis of plastics under a microscope.

We recommend our 5040 rotary microtome for use in the automotive industry. This microtome is ideal for industrial research, which believe it or not is the use it is primarily designed to fulfil. Use the form found at the bottom of this page to enquire!


The forestry industry use our microtomes and cryostats to section and analyse tree funghi and bark. Due to the efficiency of our cut and rigidity of our machines, we tend to find that the majority of trees – at least as far as we’ve heard – can easily be sectioned by our instruments. Be it freshly cut birch or an oak plank, challenge Bright Instruments to find the best solution for you.

We recommend our 5040 rotary microtome for use in the forestry industry, particuarly for smaller applications. This microtome is ideal for industrial and natural research. Alternatively, if you are examining much larger samples, the 8000 sledge microtome is better suited. Use the form found at the bottom of this page to enquire!

What can Bright Instruments offer?

Custom & Bespoke Builds

If you can’t quite find exactly what you’re looking for in our portfolio, we are well-known for our bespoke and custom build offerings. Working with many reputable organisations across the world, let us take care of the hard work to provide you with an instrument that exceeds your expectations.

Customer Support

We’re always available, online or over the phone. If you need a hand with absolutely anything, be it help with identifying a part or even just to talk to an engineer if something isn’t quite working as expected, we’re always on hand. Our support team are UK based and happy to assist.

Competitive Service Packages

With our instruments, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of service packages, in addition to our standard one year warranty. If you can’t find something that meets your needs, rest assured, we are able to visit you out of contract (please be aware of additional costs with this).

We are a UK-based manufacturer who have been in business since 1937. Throughout our 80 plus years, we’ve been very strict about ensuring we keep our manufacturing operations right here, where we have full control and know that we are using only the finest quality materials.

In line with this, we are also proudly certified to bsi ISO 9001:2015.

Please click the image on the right, or the button below, to view our certificate.

For industrial applications, we recommend the 5040 rotary microtome and the 8000 sledge microtome, more about which can be found by clicking the relevant button(s) below

The 5040 rotary microtome

  • Easy to use rotary retracting microtome with wide range of optional features
  • Choice of advance/rewind handle positions
  • Motor drive with zone control is available
  • Of hard wearing construction and maintenance free
  • Standard knife holder accepts most conventional knives
  • Quick release feather blade holder can be fitted
  • Specimen feed indicator
  • Safety features include fitted knife guards and locking handwheel
5040 rotary microtome side image

The 8000 sledge microtome

  • Easy to use base sledge retracting microtome complete with standard vice
  • 60µm retraction on the return stroke prevents possible specimen damage
  • Angled and slewable knife holder for greater versatility
  • Accepts a range of knives and disposable blades
  • Safety features include knife guards and low positioned operating handle
  • Range of stages available
  • Ideal for heavier applications
Sledge sliding microtome

Please complete the form below and we will offer you a 10% discount on your quote price for any 5040 rotary microtome or 8000 sledge microtome you order through Bright Instruments